QC Precision Machining
About Us: Overview

Better Equipped to Take You There

Equipped with proprietary CAD tools, state-of-the-art technology for plastic milling, counter-boring, and micro machining, and the world's most experienced plastics fabrication teams, QC Precision Machining is one of the nation's most respected machine shops specializing in custom plastic manufacturing.

QC Precision Machining is renowned for moving products like yours from costing to prototype to end-product delivery in one swift, seamless process.

QC Precision Machining prides itself on three things:

Creative Drive
We have the experience and the expertise to find new and better ways to give shape to your next success.

Our precision plastic machining provides the tightest tolerances and highest levels of quality control of any custom plastics manufacturer.

QC's new PrecisionPathsm system (quotes within 2 hours online ordering and 24/7 job status checking), offers unmatched time-to-market efficiency.

In the end, however, what matters most is your success.

We want you to win!