QC Precision Machining
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Experience that Helps You Excel

Since 1978, QC Precision Machining (formerly QC Drilling) has been one of the nation's most respected machine shops specializing in custom plastic manufacturing.

We're a trusted partner to product engineers at global companies such as ADT, Topps, and Tyco, and have earned a reputation for innovation, speed, and precision fabrication of crucial plastic components.

We have seen and done it all: projects of every size and scope, from quick turn drilling of plastics used in biomedical parts, to precision fabrications that make Topps' Company trading cards more unique and valuable.

We see the path to your end goal more clearly than most custom plastics manufacturers because we're innovators, too.

We offer the tightest tolerances and highest level of quality control. QC Precision Machining can make remarkable improvements in your product design, quality, and time to market.

Equipped with expert production teams, proprietary CAD tools, and state-of-the-art technology for plastic milling, counter-boring, and micro machining, QC Precision Machining regularly completes jobs faster than most shops can even consider.

In fact, no other facility for plastic machined parts does as much, as fast, or as well as QC Precision Machining.

Our Story